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Nissan Solutions is working hard to bring you a 100% free reference tool for working on your Nissan or Infiniti (please visit the 'other solutions' page for other makes and models).  Why trust us as a reference?  See for yourself here:

This is a list of over 10,000 questions answered about Nissans and Infinities by our team's top expert, Von Sudderth.  In addition, Von has helped engineer Air Force projects like the F-117 Stealth Fighter, the SR-71 Blackbird and the F/A 22 Raptor.  Our organization is in the process of building an easy and comprehensive video reference tool that encompasses demonstrations of everything from basic repairs like oil change or a/c repair to high tech performance modifications.

We feel that the only reason people pay so much for auto repair is because they don't understand what's causing their vehicles to malfunction.  In a time when everyone could use a little help, we're applying our knowledge in the best ways we know possible to help our community in any way we can.

Contact us at nissansolutions@gmail.com
 for more information.


In the mean time, the first of our unique solutions is in stock now!  Here's some more info for you on the DF101 and the RM102

Models: Nissan 350Z, 370Z; Infiniti G35, G37, FX35, FX45

We are updating the price of our products to be more in line with our manufacturing process. Please visit our store to preview the updated prices which became in effect on 3/18/2011 !!!

Be sure to stop in to our other pages to get more details on their functions.  Our goal is to be a one-stop video reference tool for car repair... and more!
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